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SunMate PV Diverter

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We are very pleased to present to you the new look AWS SunMate!


We have completed testing on the updated PCB and housing unit and are excited to say that the new release is expected to arrive in June 2023.


To celebrate this, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on the AWS SunMate, and all of our products on the Online Store for the month of June, or until stock runs out. To take advantage of this, please use the code EOFY2023Shipping when checking out in the Cart. If you prefer, you can call us on 1300 736 458 ext 4 to make a purchase over the phone using your credit card. Please mention the code to ensure your free shipping is included in your Quote.


What has changed? What has stayed the same?


The functions, features and programming of the AWS Sunmate have remained exactly the same. The changes have been slight changes in components of the PCB (some electronic parts have been replaced with identical components), rest assured all of the components pass our strenuous QA testing.


There is a new look housing that is now matte white instead of the glossy material of the previous units. This gives the unit a more sleek and modern look. The packaging has also been redesigned to make preparing unit for shipping faster and easier.


Everything else you know and love about the SunMate has remained the same.

What We

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SunMate PV Diverter

The SunMate PV Diverter is an innovative renewable energy management product that uses surplus power generated by solar power to heat electric hot water.



Home Batteries

SOMA offer a range of Batteries and back-up solutions, including LG Chem, Tesla PowerWall, BYD, Duracell and BAE gel batteries.

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Our Towers are Tilt Lattice are heavy duty towers, hot dipped galvanised to 85 Microns. Comes in 3 meter sections and cage footing. MADE in Melbourne.

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SOMA offer a range of Generators, either as part of your project or to purchase directly from our Online Store




SunTrackers allow your solar panels to follow the sun’s path in the sky, so they can produce more solar power. 

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